Pokemon Go and Uber |GooglePlay Allstars 2016

This year has seen a huge shift in the way apps and mobile devices are used. In the first quarter of 2016 Google and Facebook were the owner of the top ten most popular apps on GooglePlay. Today they still hold a those ten top spots but have expanded thier reaches to the top 18, … Continue reading Pokemon Go and Uber |GooglePlay Allstars 2016


News | WordPress and Joomla

Joomla and WordPress are two of the most widely used and influential CMS systems. In fact I'm writing this news update on Joomla and WordPress on WordPress.com right now. So what are these two CMS systems up too. According to Joomla's official news outlet on there website Joomla has been going through a bunch of … Continue reading News | WordPress and Joomla

Culture | How it effected the idea of Modern Design

American culture is based on British culture, but with a more free-spirited nature because the US has so much land that is warm, where we have about equal length summers and winters; And even before that Britain was ruled by the Roman Empire, so slowly as more time passed Roman culture diffused into British culture … Continue reading Culture | How it effected the idea of Modern Design