CMS | Content Management Systems


 Content  Management Systems are services that facilitate easy upload and subsequent management of online stores and blogs, as well as other services.

These services have exploded over recent years from WordPress to Drupal, its very clear that these services will be a name-stay in the coming years. So what is a CMS?(1) A CMS or Content Management System is a service that allows content on a site to be easily managed and edited by a sites owners. So why should I care? CMS’s are making the web a more accessible place where anyone can use one of the many services to easily create and manage a websites.

CMS’s are being used by every and when I write every, I mean every major online business to administer their websites without having to hire a web firm to manage their site(2). CMS’s create a easily managed site environment which becomes essential when a site becomes too big for a small team to manage, posting new products or finding the page that you wrote a post on in the server file structure. A CMS just makes managing a site easier.

If your a web designer you may be asking “I just go back into Dreamweaver when I  need edit a page, why should I  use a CMS?”. Think back on how many times you made a site for a client then they contact you wanting a page edited for free because you made the site using the tools in Dreamweaver without any regard too clients later wanting pages edited, or if you are hosting your own site and you need to change a delete a page; you would have to go through every linking page and delete the links. With a CMS like word press all you have to do is simply click a button and a feature is added or removed from your site. Not to mention if you simply don’t have the time to create a site from scratch it sometimes is simply easier to just use a template off a CMS service for the site, and bonus you can give the account login to the client so they can make later edits.(3)



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