Social Media | The Significance in Digital Media Design


     In today’s world Social Media Has become one of those things that has become inseparable from design, even the smallest business can benefit from a social media presence. This applies even more to Digital Media Design where creating and managing a business’s online presence can make or break their customers opinion’s of their company. This is especially prevalent today, when a single business misstep can lead a company to a lose business or even worse reputation in their field with the community.

     Social Media has become an integral part of many business’s marketing and any poor Social Media campaigns can negatively effect the companies bottom line. One of my go to examples of a poor Social Media design has to be Starbucks recent campaign where they tried to get #racetogether trending on Twitter and other Social Media sites. The point of the campaign was to create a discussion about race in equality between people and to draw attention to the problem. The problem; when people where looking through images released in relation to the campaign, they found that Starbucks was only using white hand’s in the media released and it even backfired more when people did more research into Starbucks own upper management and found that most of their upper management was white.(Starbucks Upper Management) In essence this campaign had the reverse effect on Starbucks, losing them reputation and money. This is especially bad for Starbucks because one of their main demographics is the young “opinionated” hipster that takes the smallest injustice and blows it way out of proportion.

     That being said there can be good outcomes for a  good Social Media campaign that is designed well. Like the currently ongoing and incredibly clever #LowesFixInSix. In this campaign they use stop motion and Vine “length (6sec)” animation for the purpose of incresing brand recognition and popularity of Lowe’s with the public. This campaign is a great example of Digital Media Design because it captures the feelings Lowes is trying to get across successfully and uses clever multimedia tricks to make it easily accessible to the target demographics as well as clever color choices to create a feeling of calm serinity in the viewer. Not to mention they are just so darn entertaining to watch. 🙂

“#LowesFixInSix is an ongoing social media campaign that shares clever home improvement tips in six seconds. The campaign uses stop-motion and clay-like animation to demonstrate each tip. BBDO, the ad agency behind the campaign, contracted Meagan Cignol, a photographer and Vine user who had two entries at the Tribeca Film Festival.”-


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