Culture | How it effected the idea of Modern Design

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Source: Milton Glaser’s Works

American culture is based on British culture, but with a more free-spirited nature because the US has so much land that is warm, where we have about equal length summers and winters; And even before that Britain was ruled by the Roman Empire, so slowly as more time passed Roman culture diffused into British culture and then when we rebelled against them our culture began to diffuse even more from British culture until today. Through my research I have found that every 50 or so years since then, American culture has seen a massive revolution in ideal and morals, as well as our Graphic Design. This trend can be seen with in the 20’s and later in the 60’s where 50 or so years later cultural ideals changed drastically and it seems the gap is becoming ever shorter as time passes on.

I would have to say the most influential recent cultural revolution on modern design would have to be the influence of hippy culture in the 60’s and 70’s, and how it conflicted with the traditional ideals of previous generations. You can see this today in a lot of modern design where designers use bright minimalist designs to appeal to free-spirited nature that that culture has introduced into ours. This is can be one of the main influences because before the 60’s and the cultural revolution, much of the designs out there were very intricate and bland; using only one or two colors at most and almost always including paragraphs of text on the product or service being advertised. This is in contrast to modern design that uses bright colors to catch the viewer’s eyes and clever but simple design to keep the viewer’s attention.


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